I was brought into this world and given a whirlwind. At 2:01 am on March 8th, 1999, MaKara Hope Blake, the Pisces Princess was born. My mother refers to my existence as her ‘surprise.’ I was her third baby with baby daddy number three. My parents got married on the Halloween before I was born, while I was growing right there.

I entered the world after Selection Sunday in a late winter blizzard. My mother’s labor and delivery with me was rude and rushed by a pushy doctor. I was born 2 weeks early and at 9 pounds. A premie in a toddler’s body. Born in a hurry to be grown.

Like everyone else, I was chosen by the cosmos to carry light. That light brings us to Earth. We are born these perfect beings that were crafted by the stars and sent down into life. That very life sneaks into our cracks and grows and grows until we’re unrecognizable. We dance back and forth between the inhales and the exhales. Between being alive and living life.

I grew up a little girl with
dreams, dreams, dreams
dreams, dreams, dreams
dreams, dreams, dreams

dreams, they come a long way, not today.

She wouldn’t be able to recognize me today. She wanted to believe in princesses, fairy tales and these big beautiful vibrant dreams. I can only wonder who was the perfect version of myself. She never got what she needed and she eventually left.

She had to leave.